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5 September - 5 October

The world is rapidly changing and the new paradigm requires technical solutions on one side and regenerative social technologies on another side.  Clean renewable energy, closed loops of water and nutrients, resource management and polyculture. Transparent communication, collective intelligence, non-violence, sharing economy and inclusive horizontal organisation. In the course of 1 month we will explore these technical and social dimensions of new emerging civilisation.

The project is funded by Erasmus+ EVS program which covers the participants' traveling, food, accommodation and pocket money. In other words the experience is completely for free, even the travel here.

Our goal is to contribute to the evolution of a new paradigm thinking where technologies are  regenerative for the ecosystem and social practices are regenerative for the human beings. We invite you to learn about the ability to renew our culture, technologies and oneself – Renewability.

The laboratory will take place in Suderbyn Ecovillage, an intentional international community on the island of Gotland. We are a dynamic group of around 30 young adults discovering ecologically and socially sustainable ways to live. We question the norms and patterns of consumption, social structures and stereotypes. We experiment with innovative technologies and traditional knowledge. We empower each other to be true selves, to learn and grow individually and collectively. We prototype a model of a value-based regenerative society with authentic care for people and nature.

Waiting list

Renewability will be integrated in Suderbyn's experiments: on one side projects about development of local biogas production and bio-heating systems, our closed loop system of energy and food production, pre-study for starting eco car-sharing; and on another side a wide range of community-building practices, social and personal development. 

Application deadline

Apply as soon as possible, latest 10 August 2018. 
There are only 10 places available for the laboratory. 

Suderbyn Ecovillage

Suderbyn community is bound together not by any spiritual nor political ideology but by the principles of permaculture, voluntary simplicity, cultural diversity and non-violence. We grow a part of our food, build unconventional constructions, develop our renewable energy  and closed loop systems, compost and recycle everything we can, organise learning programs, workshops and cross-border research projects. Read about our co-living principles here.
Suderbyn is located 2 km from the Sea, and biking distance from Visby, the capital of Gotland and the town of historical heritage . 

Criteria for participants

In order to attend the laboratory you must be: 
– 18-30 years old;
– coming from one of the countries: Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Italy, Spain (no offence, it is the matter of formal partners);
– have interest or/and knowledge in at least one of the areas: technical problem solving, engineering, system design, innovative construction, plumbing, good project management (we do not mean professional education but some capacity to work in these areas);
– capacity to explore community life, close social connection, personal and collective growth;
– decent English level.

Living conditions

The living conditions will be very simple: either camping in tents or living in a big room shared with others. We have common showers and dry compost toilets (all organic matter in Suderbyn gets recycled).

The food served in Suderbyn is 100% ecological and fair trade, and we keep nutritious vegan (optionally vegetarian) diet. We have common meals and you are also welcome to cook or snack additionally whenever is needed. Together with 'Suderbeings' all participants will get enrolled in chores for cooking and household. 

Suderbyn community is diverse and dynamic, and we manage to live together as a family. During the laboratory Suderbyn will be your home and you are welcome to learn and grow with us, exchange and share knowledge and experience. 

If you have any questions send us an email to info@suderbyn.se

Projects we will work on

– Closed Loop Baltic: completing the development of a closed loop of food and energy production, based on biogas, aeroponics and geodesic dome greenhouse. This version of biogas-digester is the first in Europe as it is based on a traditional Chinese technique. We prototype a model combining the production of biogas and growing plants in an organic aeroponic system in our dome greenhouse with bio-heating systems.
– Jean Pain Warm Compost Water Heating Greenhouse v.2018. We will build new version of Jean Pain as a raised bed heating system combined with a all-year greenhouse.
– Biogas heating: water-based heating system based on fuel from our own biogas-production.
Local eco carpool: finalising a survey about different models of starting ecological car-sharing on Gotland.
– Other ongoing projects regarding self-built Piggott wind turbine, natural building, biochar production.
Applicants will receive more detailed description of he projects. 

Waiting list